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Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation is a complex problem faced by millions of people daily. It involves emotional and chemical addiction as well as the force of habit.

It involves emotional and chemical addiction as well as the force of habit. Smoking is often used as a coping mechanism. To stop smoking is to abandon a way of dealing with stress. This can be a scary thing for anyone to face.

In addition to the emotional aspects of smoking cessation, there are also physical withdrawal symptoms. Any time you remove a drug such as nicotine from the body, your body chemistry must adjust, and that can be a very painful and distressing time.

During this adjustment period, you must learn to cope with the daily stresses in life in addition to the stress of smoking cessation. Most people substitute an equally destructive habit such as eating when they stop smoking.

Fortunately, there is a safe and effective way to approach smoking cessation that will not only help you to stop smoking, but will give you new tools to cope with stress in a healthy way and avoid developing new but equally bad habits.

An Integrated Approach to Smoking Cessation

Our clinic uses safe, yet effective therapies to help you stop smoking. We combine therapies that approach the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of smoking addiction. By attacking this problem from multiple angles, your journey to being smoke-free is smooth and you feel in control.


We use a unique combination of therapies to help you stop smoking. None of our therapies include dangerous drugs or psychological counseling. We take a natural approach.

Acupuncture – a scientifically-proven, safe, relaxing technique that is very powerful for controlling cravings and changing the taste of tobacco.

Herbs – Classical Chinese Herbal formulas help to rebalance the organ systems in a safe gentle manner. By rebalancing the organs, we feel more relaxed and have less need to deal with stress. Our herbal formulas are spectrographically tested for purity.

Homeopathic – using the energetic nature of herbs, homeopathic preparations reset the body and brain’s response to an emotional situation.

All of these methods have been proven safe and effective. 80% of our patients stop within three weeks after starting our program. Why let your smoking run your life when there is a natural approach to help you stop?

Your Return To Health

Chinese Medicine is very effective in helping anyone stop smoking. But it doesn’t stop there. We also teach you how to deal with the daily stress of living in the modern world. Our system also rebalances your body leading you to a higher state of health. We help you stop smoking, and then we take you to the next level of health where you are healthy, happy and disease-resistant. The sooner you make the decision to stop, the sooner you can start enjoying life with you in control!

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