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Our Services

Welcome to our Services page. We offer a diverse approach to treatment for virtually any condition. Click on any service title to get more information about that service.

Detailed History

The Oriental Medicine system of diagnosis places great emphasis on observation and measurement.


The insertion of hair-thin needles into over 2000 energy points to bring the body’s energy system . . .

Herbal Formulations

The Chinese herbal tradition is so sophisticated as to rival our pharmaceutical industry in its level of understanding

TuiNa Massage

We perform an eastern style of massage known as TuiNa.

Allergy Elimination

We don’t just treat allergies, we eliminate them! Through the use of homeopathic vials and lasers along with acupressure, it is possible to actually eliminate allergies.

Fire Cupping

This ancient technique is like the opposite of massage. It “pulls” instead of “pushes” tissue.


Samuel Heinemann invented homeopathy in 1796. He discovered that a material that produced a symptom in healthy people cured the same symptom in sick people.

Auricular Acupuncture

The ear is a microcosm of the entire body.

Medicinal Diet

It is a natural transition to go from a highly developed system of herbal formulations to a specific diet that is designed to treat disease.


“Standing like a tree” has a long history in the Orient. It is a style of Qigong requiring virtually no movement yet it endows the body with great energy and power.

Digital Meridian Analysis

Digital Meridian Imaging System is a computerized too used to analyze and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation is a complex problem faced by millions of people daily. It involves emotional and chemical addiction as well as the force of habit.

Emotion Treatment

Emotional imbalance can show itself in many different ways that are sometimes camouflaged as physical issues.

Rapid Release

The Rapid Release is a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic technology.

Laser (non-needle) Acupuncture

For those who find needles just too scary.


We have had years of experience and lots of babies to prove it!

What our customers are saying

I have chronic conditions that will be lifelong. I truly appreciate the care and kindness from Dr. Rankin and his staff. I do get some relief and I know that I must continue to seek on going treatment. Very friendly and thoughtful and inviting atmosphere. Thank you for your help.


Greenwood, IN


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