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“Standing like a tree” has a long history in the Orient. It is a style of Qigong requiring virtually no movement yet it endows the body with great energy and power.

“Qigong” means energy practice and this style of Qigong is one of the simplest to learn yet one of the most difficult to master. We will show you how to perform the basic exercises, but there are many more levels to this exercise than we can cover in an instructional session. The good thing is even the basics will provide the consistent user with great energy and good health. For a thorough treatment of quiet standing Quiet Standing Qigong see Lam Kam Chuen’s book, The Way of Energy. To cultivate maximum energy that provides maximum benefits, perform both quiet standing Qigong and the Ba Duan Jin in your exercise routine. The Ba Duan Jin is like an advanced warmup sequence we will teach you.

Begin with the basic warm up exercises. Then perform the Ba Duan Jin set. This will assure your energy meridians are as open as possible and will prepare them for the increased energy flow quiet standing Qigong provides. For me, Quiet Standing Qigong is one of the most powerful exercises one can perform. It disciplines the mind, body, and spirit. It is more powerful than Western exercises like weight lifting. I found it easy in the beginning, almost silly. But as I advanced, there were times I wanted to quit. My mind was my greatest challenge. It kept telling me I was hurting myself and I couldn’t do it. But I kept at it and now I reap its rewards. Qigong has made positive, permanent changes in my life.

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