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Herbal Formulations

The Chinese herbal tradition is so sophisticated as to rival our pharmaceutical industry in its level of understanding.

Herbal formulas consist of between 5 and 15 herbs. These formulations have been in existence for thousands of years and their originators figured out how to enhance the effect they were looking for while at the same time eliminating the side effects of the individual herbs in the formula. Herbs when taken in therapeutic doses have side effects just as drugs do.

There is an herbal formula that can replace virtually every drug on the market– without the side effects. The Chinese had a form of dialysis a thousand years ago using herbs. The fact that they recognized someone needed dialysis and figured out how to accomplish the technique is amazing in itself.

While we in the west today are still using single herbs to treat conditions, the thousand year old Chinese herbal tradition was highly evolved in the art of categorizing and combining herbs to produce highly effective and powerful herbal formulations.

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