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Our success rate with fertility is in the 80% range. We take a completely different, drug-free approach that is very relaxing.

Infertility is both sad and frustrating. The conventional route is to use drugs to alter the natural cycles and induce pregnancy. Many times, this route does not work. If it does, how does this affect the baby?

We use a natural route to pregnancy by balancing the body and enhancing the natural course of the cycle. A combination of acupuncture and herbs result in a balanced, healthy body. The acupuncture works to balance the energies of the body while the herbal formulations work more on an organic level to enhance fertility.

The acupuncture sessions are very relaxing which is also very important in fertility. The stressed body is out of balance and is often nutrient deficient. Acupuncture lowers blood pressure and creates a very relaxing time for your sessions. The body is more receptive when balanced and relaxed.

Acupuncture Pain Relief Center of Tennessee

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