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Detailed History

The Oriental Medicine system of diagnosis places great emphasis on observation and measurement.

We will have you fill out a comprehensive history of your health that will reveal which organ systems may be out of balance. In addition to this, your acupuncturist will read your pulses. The art of pulse taking was developed over thousands of years in the Orient. The subtle differences in each of 12 pulse positions on your wrist reveal the relative energy levels of all your organ systems. Similarly, your tongue also shows which organs are out of balance. We observe the shape of the tongue, its body color, coating color and amount of moisture present. These details reveal what is happening energetically inside your organ systems.

Finally, we will add a Digital Meridian Measurement. This device measures the energy levels of all the organ systems and plots them out on several informative graphs. More about the AcuGraph below.

The combination of these three basic inquiries reveals to a high degree your imbalances and the causes of your symptoms. Using this information, your acupuncturist will be able to determine a specific course of action to bring you to a high level of health.

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